• Carrión FBL-300
  • Brunei FKPD-200
  • Bathroom Vessel Sinks
  • Carrion-FBS300
  • Carrion-FBWS300
  • Danube-FBS400
  • Ebro-FBS500

Experience the Luxury with Rivuss

Water…is the universal solvent for life. It is a pure luxury of nature that covers 75% of the earth. When we watch a river cascading down from the edge of the mountain we witness the beauty, the wonder and power of Mother Nature. The elegant flow of rivers inspired us to recreate a collection of faucets that brings “pure luxury” to the touch of your hand. 

Every day we feel the essence of water when we splash it on our face, when we brush our teeth, making tea or filling up a drinking glass, and yet how often do we really appreciate its beauty and necessity in our daily lives? The practice of turning on the lever of your faucet has become so customary in everyday use, that it’s easy to disregard its natural beauty.

The nature’s most wonderful element has inspired us to create a masterpiece of luxury worthy of admiration. RIVUSS Bathroom faucet collection is a symbol that rekindles your past connection with nature…the sound and flow of water.

The RIVUSS Difference

What is Rivuss position on lead-free faucets?

At RIVUSS we pride ourselves in delivering a product that epitomizes luxury, quality, and safety. Our company policy is to bring a product that is safe to use for the environment, around your family and friends. RIVUSS upholds all actions and laws to provide lead free faucets for the luxury market of America. 

RIVUSS "Iconic Brand"